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Strong support provided to preserve Tibetan culture

Updated: 2021-05-24 (Xinhua) Print

The Chinese central government has provided strong support to help preserve and inherit traditional Tibetan culture, said Qizhala, chairman of the Tibet autonomous region government.

Support in areas of finance, policy, technology and talent have been put into place, said Qizhala at a press conference on the economic and social development of Tibet on May 22.

The central and regional governments arranged over 5 billion yuan (about $778 million), which does not include the fund for infrastructure construction, to protect and develop 55 national-level and over 610 regional-level cultural relics, according to Qizhala.

More than 70 cultural relic sites in Tibet have been put under state protection, he added.

The central government has injected capital into a special fund for the preservation and digitalization of ancient Tibetan books, he said, adding that a set of laws and regulations have been introduced to preserve and study the Tibetan language.

Tibet has also seen a modern culture and cultural industry thriving in recent years with the support from the government, said Qizhala.