Intercontinental Lhasa Paradise

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Intercontinental Lhasa Paradise


Address:1 Jiangsu Avenue, Lhasa, Tibet autonomous region

Hotel level: five-star

Tel: (+86-891)6569999




Intercontinental Lhasa Paradise [Photo/VCG]

The hotel is located in Jiangsu Avenue, Chengguan district, Lhasa city. It is near the office of the Lhasa municipal government, close to the Lhasa River, about 7 kilometers away from the Potala Palace, and around 9 km away from the main urban area of Lhasa. 

The sacred beautiful scenery of snowy plateaus is perfectly integrated into the hotel, as are the exotic customs of the Tibetan region.

The hotel's design is quite innovative, with a total construction area of about 220,000 square meters. This unique architectural style makes the hotel a new landmark in Lhasa and highlights its extraordinary taste.

The luxurious guest rooms are bright, spacious and comfortable, with complete facilities and high-quality king size beds. Relaxing in their rooms, guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Lhasa Plateau Valley and the magnificent Himalaya Mountains.